28 January 2014
Social Media
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10 Amazing Social Media Tips

Social media is an evolving field. So, when we are talking about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and several others depending on the posting, browsing and reading habits of the users, we have to keep the constantly changing nature of social media in mind.

The landscape is changing and the old patterns of brand communication are breaking and the new ones are coming up. The thing about social media is that it allows you to engage better with your targeted audience. Here are some tips that could help you enjoy better image of you in the brand world.
Discuss, rather than Broadcasting!

A basic rule of social media is you just have to inform your audience about your products and news. You have to involve them by picking out topics for discussion and get feedback through comments and questionnaires. Social media serves as a platform which will help you to know about your audience and see what they are looking for.
Don’t go for a Share v/s Like Posts

Usually promoters go for such advertising – Like vs. Share. But such posts alienate the targeted audience from seeing the post. It will portray your image as an attention seeking brand. It is always better to post updates keeping both ‘like’ and ‘share’ in mind simultaneously.
Make full use of Hashtags

Google+, Twitter and Facebook support searchable hashtag options. So, ensure that you add required hashtags to enhance the visibility and online presence of your post.
Use the reply button wisely

Facebook has brought up the ‘reply’ feature on pages. If you write a comment on a post on your page, another follower could make a comment using the reply button and create a discussion chain. It makes it easier for the page admins or the brands to engage their potential customers.
Use trends in Twitter for promotion

Twitter launched the Twitter Trends at more than 160 destinations. This means, you can check what people are talking about in a specific area. It increases your online visibility and helps you relate to a particular content in which you may be interested. It enhances user interaction tremendously.
Content Re-posting

If you have an article on your site or a video about the product, always re-post it. It will increase the visibility of the post and lead to more traffic for the site. It also makes post visible at different time zones of the world and reaches every follower at all corners of the world
Sunday is the day to work more

Studies suggest that the right day for posting of new content is Sunday! This day of the week is regarded as the best day and Friday is considered as the worst day, while for rest of the week visibility stays somewhat normal.
Make it Precise and Short

Brevity is important when you write for social media. Long posts perform badly. Usually followers tend to skip the “read more” option and thus, don’t read the entire post. That is why brief and precise posts are engaging and well- attended.
Share All through the Day

The standard life of a social media post is just 3 hours and the first post on a social media page accounts for maximum interaction. So, don’t be worried and continue posting new contents frequently.
Keyword Targeted for Twitter

Twitter has launched the keyword targeting option for the advertisement holders. This means, if you are posting an ad for content writing, then people who post for content writers will see your ad more and it will go on to maximise the overall impact of your ad.

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