26 February 2014
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4 Facebook Status Updates to Encourage Photo Comments

Facebook is one perpetually changing social networking site. You suddenly wake up one day to find a new feature that was not there till even the wee hours of the previous day. And the same thing happens again two days later. And again three days later. In a nutshell, Facebook is all up for constantly renewing its look and feel. In such an attempt, the ‘photo comments’ feature was recently added by Facebook. This feature allowed users to add a photo along to their comment on a post (any post –images, videos,status updates, etc.)

As with anything new,there were mixed reviews to this new addition, but the one thing that couldn’t be denied was that this update played a pivotal role in changing the methods of interaction between people on Facebook. It also raised the question of how businesses could use this feature to their advantage. What kinds of status updates encourage fans to leave photo comments? A quick look:

  • Brand Engagement: building up a rapport with fans

A page on a social networking site should never be a one-sided conversation where you do all the talking. Ask your fans to participate.Encourage them to open up and share their personal experiences, ideas and pictures—get them to post photos of themselves engaging with your brand. Positive responses from fans not only show that you have a good customer-client relationship, but they also go a long way in adding depth to the ‘Social Proof Value’ of your page on Facebook.


  • Asking fans to share images of Brand Events

It’s basic human nature – everyone loves talking about their experiences. Get your fans to upload pictures of themselves at a Brand event that you might have recently hosted – this way, you literally kill two birds with one stone; not only can they avoid the hassle of typing out their experiences, you also get excellent customer feedback. Highlighting brand parties and events are a great way of showing that the customer comes first to you.
In case you don’t host events (or host them once in a blue moon), don’t miss out on this opportunity – ask your fans to share their own seasonal/holiday experiences. Interaction is the key.


  • Encourage sharing of infographics

This can be best explained with an example—if you are a Realtor, or engaged in interior decorations, ask your fans to post some ‘before-after’ snaps of their homes. Everyone loves a good infographic, because it is the perfect balance between too much information and too much frothiness. With the introduction of photo comments, posting pictures has become a breeze. Ask your fans to share resources that are educational and entertaining at the same time, and watch as the likes and shares grow.


  • Communication

For five posts in which you promote your business, post at least two updates aimed at enhancing communication with your fans. Type out a quick ‘How was your day? Drop in a snap of the best thing you did today!’ It’s actually as simple as that. Always try to respond to messages and comments individually as far as possible. You don’t want to give anyone the idea that they are being neglected on purpose. Then again, remember to respond to comments with an objective of generating some positive PR. If a customer talks about wanting to go shopping, send her the link of that three-day sale you are having. Get creative.

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