24 February 2014
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5 Simple Mistakes That Are Costing You Conversions!

Do you regularly ponder over the fact that not enough of your visitors are turning into customers? Or, all the content you create by putting hours of labour goes without any audience let alone appreciation?

In case you do not have these questions then you already know the head and tail of conversions, otherwise, you are in denial mode and prefer to bury your head in the sand. As for the rest, by addressing the following mistakes you might be making, you can clear the hurdle.

  • 1) No Clear Value Proposition

Not clear about unique selling proportion and value proposition? Do not worry, maximum website home pages do not contain one. And even if they do, a lot of important things are missing.
A proper value proposition will put all the unique and desirable factors your business has on offer across to the visitors. It is brief and concise and yet says all that needs to be said. It also acknowledges your target audience.
This is very important because it is your job to make it clear to the visitor what he/she is looking at and why they need to look further. Majority of the people will just move on if they have to figure things out themselves.

  • 2) Too Many Competing Calls To Action

You want to see people reading your blog posts, signing up for your newsletters, purchasing your services. It is quite understandable. For this you need to persuade your visitors to reach their destination, in this case the destination you have set for them. The main problem is, asking your visitors to do too many things at the same time will spoil everything.
A website is a bad website if it is overcrowded, there are running graphics everywhere, loud colours, no white space and impossible to decide what to click on.

  • 3) Not user friendly

Although this seems to be child’s play but have a look around and you will notice most of the websites are counter intuitive. A website should be like a supermarket – effortless to navigate. Shopping for milk in the market should mean that you need to go over to the dairy section and not the toys section. A website works in a similar way. Navigation tabs should be to the point and ‘Contact’ should literally mean contact.


  • 4) Tend To Forget To Tell People What They Should Do

It is fine to tell your visitors in detail why they should avail your services or buy your product, but if the process to go about this business is not clearly mentioned then it is all worthless. Tell your visitors what to do and where to go provide them with a call to action.

More clarity = more conversions

  • 5) Not Enough To Build Confidence

The ultimate mistake you, as website owners, make is that you do not give your visitors enough reasons to build their confidence in your products and services.
The most successful way to build that confidence is by providing them with customer testimonials.

Now the turn is yours to tell us what you think is the most efficient way to increase conversions on a website?


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