13 March 2014
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7 Great Tips To Increase Your Twitter Following!

Twitter is one of the popular online social networking website which enables the users to send and read there “tweets”, which are the text messages limited to only 140 characters. All those individuals who are registered with it can read and post the tweets, but unregistered users are able to read them only. The users access this online social site twitter with the help of website interface and mobile device application that was created in the month of March in the year 2006. A lot of people have been using this online social site for several years and this is the main reason why it has gained so much popularity.

It is a dream of each and every individual to increase their twitter following and it can only be done with the help of some tips and these are mentioned as follows:-

  • 1) Using a time reducing device to plan your tweets is the very first tip which can surely help you to increase your twitter fan following. Free and low-cost tools such as Hoot suite permits everyone to schedule their tweets in advance so that you can easily maintain a reliable flow of the content. People who place their content daily are likely to see more and more followers.
  • 2) Another way to increase your twitter following is to connect with twitter chat. It’s really a good idea to meet new people through this as every week there is a chat on differing topics among the groups of various industries. One can get to know many valuable things by getting engaged into these chats.
  • 3) Keep tweeting is also a great way to increase the twitter following. One can easily tweet while doing multiple tasks. Whenever one has spare time, the time can be used for tweeting. For example one can tweet, while travelling or doing exercises in gym, during breaks in favorite daily soaps etc.
  •  4) One should always try to get in touch with the users who share the similar interests. And those users will also be interested to follow the one sharing their similar interests.
  • 5) Tweeting inspirational quotes is also an effective way to make others follow you. People always enjoy reading these types of quotes as a source of enlightenment and then share them with others as well. For getting a lot of inspirational quotes, one can choose a free app called Forismatic. These quotes can be tweeted on daily basis and a lot of followers can be won.
  •  6) Notice the users who follow your followers and then follow them too. These users can be screened via free app called Tweepi. Tweepi will help know about all the users following your followers on Twitter and those must definitely be sharing similar interests and so can be followed.
  • 7) Some accounts are also recommended by Twitter itself and these accounts can be followed. One can check out the section called #Discover section on the Dashboard where “Who to follow” will help out in joining other people.

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