31 January 2014
Social Media
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Common Social Media Blunders: Are you Away from these Mistakes?

Mistakes. We make a fantastically good job of making them; and more often than not, they tend to be quite damaging.  In today’s modernized, fast-paced world, mistakes can cost quite a lot – that cringe-inducing status update on Facebook, or that misinformed tweet can result in detrimental indelicate revelations.

Social media comes with a lot of benefits which need to be exploited to the fullest – without leaving a single window of error – in order to achieve overall success. There is, of course, no tried and tested formula for that perfect social media campaign, but avoiding a few commonplace – yet consequential – mistakes can go a long way in helping your social media marketing strategy soar.

  • Inactivity: Creating accounts on multiple social networking sites and then forgetting to update them for months on end does not really do anything for your brand image. On the contrary, if a prospective customer ends up on your page and finds it unattended, he will not be very likely to spend time enquiring any further – he will promptly move on. An active presence on websites is thus, a must.
  • Taking on more than you can handle: It can definitely be very tempting to try and create a profile on whatever social networking site you can lay your hands on with a view to increase your customer base. After all, the more fingers you have in the pie, the better, right? Well, it doesn’t always work out that way. You risk ruining your time and energy updating the same content across 10 different websites, and you are not really sure if anyone will even be visiting two or three of them. Think of it, do you really need to share that picture you just posted on Twitter and Facebook on Instagram as well? Choose your mediums carefully and wisely, and focus on them.
  • Boycotting social media: Making mistakes on social media is one thing. Completely avoiding it so that you can avoid any sort of mistakes is a completely different thing altogether. Today, the reach social media has is immense – it has unfathomable power, and is a brand enforcement hotspot. Avoiding the entire social media scene can be very dangerous, as it gives your competitors – who know full well how to exploit this power – an upper hand.
  • Sloppy presentation: A headline is the first thing that catches the eye on visiting a page. If the very headline is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors (however few), it automatically creates a very bad first impression. And as the saying goes, first impressions are more often than not the last impressions. Verbal misfires indicate a half-hearted interest in consumer recruitment, and that is not an image that you would want to give out.
  • Failing to interact: The purpose of being active on social media is not just to let people know that you exist – it is also about getting feedback in return from customers and potential patrons. A conversation on social media should never be a monologue – it should always be an interactive conversation that urges everyone to participate. Listening and engaging helps in building up a close-knit community.

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