2 March 2014
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How To Get paid from promoted Tweets!

Twitter is the best way to express your feelings, connect with the outside world and discover what is happening around you. You can follow your favorites on twitter and can get to know a lot about them. Twitter has now become one of the most popular social media networks. It was launched in the year 2006 and now its users are around 400 million which in itself is a very big number. Most of the users amongst it are businesses. Business people use twitter to keep their customers updated about the products and deals that they offer.

If you too think that you are a talented twitter user then the key is in your hands for making money through twitter. Just market yourself and others in an efficient manner and keep in touch with ongoing events. You must be wondering that there are already a number of global brands that are widely known. So what is your chance of getting success? But it is not that tough if you keep some strategies your mind.


Let’s get familiar with promoted tweets before continuing further

Promoted tweets are like ordinary tweets purchased by an advertiser who wishes to reach a wider group of users but the difference between an ordinary tweet and promoted tweet is that promoted tweets are paid tweets which an advertiser needs to buy to make his reach wider. They are like regular tweets. They too can be retweeted and can be replied and many more. The additional benefit of such tweets is that these tweets appear first when people go for a search on twitter. It helps in getting exposed to people who are not even in your followers list. If you want best results to come out then you need to spend some money on it for sure. Instead of going elsewhere to advertise your products and services, you can consider twitter a best platform for you.

Now let’s get down to the point, how you can make money from promoted tweets?

You should not move aimlessly trying out strategies on how to get followers on twitter that are not of your interest and they don’t bear a significant target. Instead you should look for targeted group that are interested in buying your products and services. But for money making you need to spend some money. One point worth keeping in mind and worth noticing is that you should get more money instead of releasing more money because that count for loss and no one can’t bear it for long. It is not necessary that you start it by using most of your money in this business. Most undersized businesses can’t propel thousands of dollars in a month into advertising, mainly on a particular channel. That’s not inevitably a difficulty. You can make the most out of any financial plan, even if it is just a couple of hundred dollars, Pote said. “Find that sweet spot and you can still make high volumes of parody and activities even if you don’t have a lot to fritter.”


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