3 February 2014
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Interesting Things you need to know about Facebook

While at Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg, then 19, wanted to create a platform where his friends and other students at Harvard could connect with others within the university. Hence, in the February of 2004, he launched Facebook and with it began a brand new era of social networking.

Presently, Facebook has an active population of over sixty million people, which is roughly the total population of the United Kingdom. They can upload pictures, hold group discussions, play games, join communities and do a lot of other things on their profiles. They can connect with people from any part of the world and add them as friends. It has also caught the attention of the business world and advertisers and corporate bodies are viewing it as a silver chalice in the field of reaching out to the end audience. Among all the other things that you know, here are a few more interesting facts about your favourite social networking site.

  • Who all Use Facebook?

Since it was launched, Facebook has increased significantly. It currently boasts of 60 million active users. If you go by Facebook’s stats page, the total number of active users double almost every six months. At an average 250,000 users have joined the site every day since the January of 2007. That adds up to 3% growth every week. The highly acclaimed demographic of people within 18 to 25 years of age constitute 52% of the total Facebook user base. An average user browses the site ranging from 18 minutes to 30 minutes in a day.

  • Things You can find on Facebook

To be frank, if you have an interest in something, it is on facebook. All you have to do is enter a subject on the search bar, say for example, ‘Rock Music’ or ‘Abstract Art’ and then hit search. You will get all you need and also all that you do not. If you live in North Carolina and are searching for a certain topic, or a person, the hits closer to you geographically will be displayed first followed by the rest.

  • Why Are People Using Facebook?

Facebook is a vast arena and offers you tons of things to do. Many join Facebook to have a personal platform for sharing their work or life. Others use it to stay connected to their friends and yet others who use it to further their business.

  • The Name Generator

To point out a few funny stuff on Facebook – did any of you know how to make Mark Zuckerberg’s name appear on a post or comment? All you have to do is type @[4:0} and voila!
Also, if you want to find out what is your roll number in Facebook, visit the profile page and substitute the ‘www’ with ‘graph’ in the URL. The number appears in the 2nd line.

  • The decapitated head of Christopher Putnam

If you type ‘:putnam:’ in a Facebook chat box or in a comments section, you will see a tiny image of Christopher Putnam, Facebook’s engineer in an avatar form.
It is bizarre I know, but look at all the publicity it is getting.

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