12 February 2014
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Interesting Things you need to know about Twitter

Twitter had kind of a mixed bag last year with the micro blogging site continuing to garner more and more users, approximately thirty million active users in the last year. It has also experienced certain drawbacks. The micro blogging company had gone public on the 7th of November though is yet to overwhelm the NYSE. In fact according to reports, it is speculated that Twitter might not even make any sort of profit till about 2015.

But that has not stopped Twitter from going strength to strength, in the eight years that it has been active, it has transformed itself from an interpersonal messaging platform to a global online phenomenon. Twitter has helped increase numerous brands’ direct interaction with the end users drastically and also break news globally within seconds of its occurrence. It has become the second most visited virtual space in the internet.

Despite the numerous ups and downs, the fact remains that Twitter has had a great impact in the world of social media. Thus it is only proper that you stack up as much information about your favourite micro blogging site as possible. Did you know that the bird which is the very face of Twitter is named Larry? Here are a few more things which might interest the ‘Twitterati’.

  • The First Ever Tweet Was

The first ever Tweet was sent by Twitter co founder Jack Dorsey on the 21st of March, 2006. The historic earliest tweet was simply: “Just setting up my twttr.”
Most of you might have already known this but do you know who sent the first ever Tweet from space? It was Mike Massimino, an astronaut in the May of 2009. He Tweeted: “From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!”

  • User With The Most Number of Followers

As of today, Katy Perry has the crown for the most number of followers on Twitter. She has more than 49 million followers and is followed by singer Justin Bieber who has 48,149,721 (controversy surrounds the legitimacy of most of the followers), Lady Gaga with 41,024,713 followers and U.S. President Barack Obama with 40,752,349.
The user who follows most number of accounts across Twitter is @ArabicBest who follows 2,472,622 accounts. And the user who has the most number of Tweets under his, err, her belt is a girl from Japan @Yougakduan_00. She has sent out an amazing 37,388,113 Tweets!

  • The Event With the Most Number of Tweets Per Second

The maximum number of tweets per second was sent during a screening of an animated film in Japan – Castle in the Sky, 1986, on the 3rd of August, 2013. An astonishing 143,199 tweets were sent per second!

The maximum number of tweets per minute was sent while the very infamous Myley Cyrus act during the MTV Video Music Awards, 2013. It initiated a massive 306,100 tweets per minute.

On an average, about 500 million Tweets are sent per day.

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