15 February 2014
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Interesting twitter tricks you might not know

If Twitter has gained immense popularity ever since it was thrown open to the public, there is a reason for it. Think of what you want to say, write it up, and post it. Repeat as many times you want per day. Basically, that’s all you do on Twitter. Ever heard of anything more straightforward? Probably not.

With over 600 million officially registered Twitter users, tweeting is all the rage now. To make the most of your experience on Twitter, here are a few cool tips and tricks you can apply:

  • Search Twitter using Google

Read about a tweet from a celeb and want to look it up yourself? Even if the celeb is a Twitter addict posting over 100 tweets per day, and the tweet you want to see was posted over a week back, you can effortlessly find it using Google. Fire up the Google search engine, type in “site:twitter.com” along with your search term, and you’ll automatically be displayed a list of the tweet(s) containing your search term.

  • Tweet from your Phone

And no, that actually means a phone – any phone, not a fancy smartphone. Finding access to a computer is not always feasible, but does that mean you will pass up an opportunity to microblog about that yummy pizza you just had? Of course not – what are phones for? To tweet via your phone, all you need to do is set up Twitter for mobile from the settings page, and you are good to go. You can also choose to receive – or not receive – notifications from Twitter directly on your phone.

  • Multiple Accounts – One email address

If you have more than one account on Twiiter and find having to repeatedly switch accounts exasperating, then you can simply log in to your Twitter account and navigate to Accounts>Add Account. Enter the user name and password of your second account, and you are all set. Anytime you wish to toggle accounts, you can make the switch directly without having to perform the cumbersome process of logging out and in.

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  • Embedding Tweets

Want to share a tweet on your website or personal blog but are worried you need to do it the long way by taking a screenshot and then uploading the picture to your website? Well, think again. Here’s a hint – embedding. If you want to share tweets, all you need to do is embed them first. To do so, select the desired tweet, then choose More, and from the drop down menu that appears, select the ‘Embed Tweet’ option. It’s ridiculously simple from here on – a code will be generated for you which you need to copy and paste on your website or blog.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Dropped in for a quick check and ended up spending over an hour on Twitter? Thanks to the endless scrolling and clicking, getting lost on Twitter is not a very hard thing to do. To speed things up, keyboard shortcuts are a lifesaver. A few of the most useful keyboard shortcuts on Twitter are:

  • ‘g h’ – Go to Homepage
  • ‘g p’ – Go to your Profile
  • ‘g m’ – Go to your Messages
  • ‘g u *user name*’  – Visit users’ timelines
  • ‘n’ – Compose new tweet
  • ‘t’ – Retweet
  • ‘m’ – Compose a message
  • ‘f’ – Favorite a tweet

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