17 February 2014
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Interesting YouTube tricks that you need to know


The most popular video sharing website in the world, YouTube, has a staggering record of more than 3 billion videos being watched daily. With over 800 million users registering themselves on this website that has now become an Internet phenomenon, what exactly is it about YouTube that is so popular? How many times has it been that we’ve gone on YouTube to watch a specific video, and then ended up spending hours watching funny cat videos?

YouTube has the capability to attract and engage, and I bet you’ll have a tough time trying to find someone who doesn’t use YouTube on a daily basis – or at least frequently. With YouTube occupying such a large part of the time we spend on the Internet, it would do well for you to learn a few lesser-known YouTube features and tricks that will make the website much more interesting to use.

  • Editor

Did you know YouTube has a video editing tool of its own? Yes, that’s right. You can edit your videos online on YouTube, adding all the necessary trims – effects, transitions – and choosing your music from amongst the YouTube list of songs approved for personal usage. Of course, if you prefer a professional offline video editor, that’s your call. But if you need to quickly edit a home video, then the Editor is the tool for you.

  • Playing Videos in Slow Motion

YouTube provides this awesome feature that lets you watch any video in slow motion. All you need to do is hold down the space bar while playing the video, and you can get your fill of that cute dog wagging its tail in slo-mo . You can also determine the speed at which you watch videos on YouTube by signing up for the YouTube HTML5 Video Player, and then choose your specified speed from the settings option right on the video itself.

  • Moodwall

Feeling a bit blue? YouTube will hunt out the perfect video for the moment, and play it for you. This is the brilliance of the Moodwall feature on YouTube, wherein you can literally watch what you feel. Using specific phrases and keywords from the comments left on videos, specialists on YouTube have figured out an equation which neatly categorizes all videos into different moods. So be it happy, creative, intense or funny, YouTube has just the video for you.

  • The Snake Game

Isn’t it incredible, being able to play the simple yet timelessly classic Snake Game on YouTube? As unbelievable as it sounds, it actually is true. You can play the game simply by holding down either the left or the right arrow key for a couple of seconds (while the video is paused, obviously, or it wouldn’t make any sense) and then pressing the up arrow to begin the game. So in case your Internet is starting to act up, or a 1080P video is taking ages to buffer, you now know what to do to while the time away.

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