24 March 2014
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Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Views?


With social media slowly emerging as the key driving force behind the web, the basic ideas of SEO are beginning to penetrate into the social networks, with YouTube, easily the most popular video sharing website in the world bearing the brunt of it. The popularity of the site is a delight for the publishers. Due to this reason, various diverse strategies for improving a video’s popularity have come out in the open. Probably the most popular among these is increasing views buy purchasing viewers. However, there are many publishers who are circumspect and wonder whether it is a safe bet.

  • Purchasing YouTube views is quite common

To be honest, the idea of purchasing YouTube views is quite a unique concept, although this pay for popularity strategy is not totally unique to the wide variety of video spectrum. Twitter consists of certain companies which offer pay for tweets and pay for follower services. Heart of heart, this is not much different from purchasing YouTube videos.

A question might arise here as to why a publisher needs to buy extra views, or why he needs a high number of views at all? The answer is simple – the appeal of YouTube videos lies in the popularity of the videos. YouTube works similar to Google, for example a page which has many views will automatically leap to the top of the search results, similarly, YouTube displays the videos with higher number of views on top. A video which has 500,000 views will certainly have a greater audience than a video which has 1000 views. The greater the view count of a video, the greater will be its chances of being viewed by a real world audience.

  • The Safety concerns

Although the idea of inflating YouTube views by buying them seems very appealing as a strategy to improve perceived popularity, but there are one or two legitimate concerns regarding the services offering fake views for your videos in YouTube. These are not risks which should dissuade video publishers from buying views; instead, these should serve as points to be noted while choosing the right service for purchasing YouTube views.

A very glaring issue is the quality of fake views offered by the services. Usually services that offer fake views do not offer fake comments, which have to be bought separately, after all a video which has millions of likes and has 10 comments does not seem real. Some companies offer great services regarding the comments, but others come up with very poorly generated algorithms with grammatical and spelling errors. This automatically makes the service look stupid and cheap.

The other issue is the poor level of service offered by the companies. The better companies will ably manage server traffic, spacing out the views, etc. But most of the services are shoddy. They generate views from small number of servers and have the views bundled up together. The whole purpose of generating fake views will be thus lost.

Therefore, it is safe for you to buy YouTube views, provided you are not working with the sketchier companies out there.


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