8 February 2014
Social Media
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Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch out for in 2014

Social Media Advertising has replaced the traditional job of Search Engine marketing which was prevalent about 4 or 5 years earlier. It would upgrade itself constantly with any major change that came its way. The point here is, the past few years have experienced the most number of changes in leaps and bounds in the arena of Social Media Advertising than any time in the past. The boom in development is not about to slow down this year either and it will propel the whole social media network into something grand in 2014.

The most important trends to watch out for in Social Media Advertising in 2014 are as follows.

  • Increased Twitter Ads

The year 2013 was huge for Twitter. This social media platform developed changes across the whole spectrum of user interfaces, be it desktops or mobile devices. In tandem, it became a grand platform for ads, which grew immensely. And more importantly, Twitter successfully completed the IPO in the October of last year, which they had filed for earlier.

Since then, developments in Twitter have been almost constant and along with it the advertisement platform.  All this has given rise to what is popularly known as ‘Tailored Audiences’ (remarketing) and accounts that have been promoted in timelines.

These fast paced developments in the ad platform will continue further now with Twitter moving into the shareholders’ hands, because revenue from ads will always keep the shareholders happy.

  • Facebook Video Ads

With the whole world shifting to the online forum for their television needs, the video advertising platform is also shifting with the changes. Though the devices are dissimilar, the customer at the end of the line will still be attracted to video advertising.
How does this work in Facebook? It all started with videos being featured in Facebook feeds, after which ‘autoplay’ video was brought in and it naturally progressed to video advertisement. Although it is still in testing waters in Facebook, with the video playing in silent, but you can expect it to go and play a greater role in Facebook by the end of 2014.

  • Ads on Google+?

Google+ is yet to feature in this list, but many advertisers, especially real estate are inching for the auspicious day to come. Will it change this year? Well, it has been a matter of a few weeks only that news came of Google thinking of testing out +Post Ads.
Will this be the next big platform for the ad men? Maybe, but the fact that Google+ will be a huge hit in the ad market goes without saying.

  • Fragmentation vs. Variety

With the dawn of another new year, the race to build newer Social Media networks and Advertising platforms for supporting them is bound to create a very fascinating dilemma for the advertisers. There exists a huge variety of channels which cater to diverse end users and demographics and along with it the problem of fragmentation. For every fresh ad platform, there is the problem of dealing with wide ranging ad units and requirements of management. And certainly, advertisers will have a lot on their plate.

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