10 March 2014
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The Top 5 Facebook Games!

Facebook is no more a social networking website where one can post, comment and chat with their friends only. Now-a-days, this most prevalent social networking website is providing a wonderful opportunity to all the users to play hundreds of games anytime and from anywhere. There, you can easily come across with lots of games which will never make you feel tired. So, with a view to play the best games on Facebook, let’s have a look on some of the most common and best games on Facebook which are as follows:-

  • Farmville

Farmville is among the first and also the best online social game which permits everyone to become engrossed in an animated 3D countryside where everything comes active and reacts to each and every touch. In this game, you can make and run your personal farm where the crops are cultivated, feed lots of animals that provide resources for hewing. It has become popular to that extent that it has more than 82 million troupes.

  • Pet Society

Pet Society is another social site game which was developed by Play fish which can be easily played on Facebook. With the help of this game, the players can design their own pets by choosing their genders, colors, names and changing appearances. Pet Society will also let you able to earn coins by visiting to their neighbors and rising trees.

  • Café World

Café World is another social networking website game which was created by Zynga and it was launched in September 2009. It hastily became the fastest rising social game which reached 8 million users in just 7 days. This game allows you to make a restaurant by your own and opt for the foods that you need to serve to your consumers. In this game, you will certainly find some foods which takes time to be cooked while some other foods are not so time consuming.

  • Song pop

It is a golden moment for all those people to opt for the game Song Pop who are music fans. It is a social multiplayer game on Facebook which reached more than 60 million downloads and 2.4 million active users by December 2012. It is a game in which players should recognize their songs and have to response in a multiple-choice arrangement. On the whole, this game depends on your intelligence as it lets you able to enter into a challenge with your friends and see who is performing better in predicting the songs.

  • Draw My Thing

It is the last and also the best game which you can easily play on Facebook. This game doesn’t need to look for the artists as it has been created for recreational purposes. Under this game, each and every player would take shots to draw the word which is given to them and the other troupes will have to predict it.

So, with a view to enjoy on this most popular social networking site, go for some of these best games as mentioned above.

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