20 February 2014
Social Media
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The Top 5 Social Media Mistakes!

The Top 5 Social Media Mistakes!

Everyone makes mistakes, and though mistakes in general tend to be rather embarrassing, there are a few such mistakes – especially the ones made on social media – which have the potential to be more cringe-inducing than something that you can look back on at and laugh. Those are the kind of mistakes you want to avoid at all costs.

The benefits of social media are too numerous to be counted, and they’re all waiting to be exploited to the hilt. Under such circumstances, it is essential to make as few mistakes as possible in order to successfully achieve that flawless social media campaign. Some common mistakes that you might be making – and totally need to stop making—are:

  • Staying away from social media: It’s more common than you think – those who fail to realize the importance of social media boycott it completely. And that is one fatal mistake. That account on Facebook does help, as does that profile on Twitter. They are all little stepping stones to that thing called brand promotion. Ignoring social media is just another way of letting your competitors – who know the benefits that social media can bring – lord over you.


  • Drawing a comparison between ‘likes’ and ‘sales’: There are many brands who equate the number of likes on their Facebook page to the actual number of potential sales that might result in. That is completely wrong, and achieving a million likes in the hope of increasing sales shouldn’t be your goal anyway. The idea is brand promotion and engagement – that, and nothing more.


  • Not being interactive: There is a difference between promoting your brand and behaving like the world will come to an end if you don’t post about your products 50 times a day. Get time to interact with your customers. Don’t be the one doing all the talking – let your customers open up; encourage them to share their experiences. Engaging in meaningful conversation and listening actually go a long way in building up a strong follower base.


  • Inactivity: It is not so much as creating accounts on multiple social networking sites as much as it is about actually using them to enhance your online sales campaign. You can’t leave your page unattended – anyone who happens to chance upon your page will quickly move on without bothering to inquire further. On social media networks, consistency is the watchword.


  • Trying to take on more than you can actually handle: With the increasing number of social networking sites, it might be very tempting to create an account on each of them, with the ultimate goal of increasing your fan base. The more the merrier, right? Well, that might not always be the case. Think of it, what actually do you stand to gain by updating the exact same content across twelve different websites, some of which have so few users that your post will surely go unnoticed? Attempts like these are nothing but a waste of both time, and energy. Instead, choose a selective few social media networks you want to focus on, and stick to them.


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