8 March 2014
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Will You Pay for Content On YouTube?

What will be your reaction if you find out that you will have to pay a subscription fee just to see the daily uploaded contents on YouTube? Everybody will agree that the idea of paying to watch YouTube videos is ridiculous, there are a vast amount of videos on YouTube which are free of charge but according to the changing scenario, a number of users will definitely have to pay some subscription money right before opening some content on YouTube.

Advantages and disadvantages

This new idea to make some content on YouTube paid has been brought up by major mishandling of some YouTube execs. This is the main obstacle which is forcing the content producers to start charging subscription money for some contents on YouTube. Though, it is not surely confirmed about the implementation of this subscription program,  a number of people are still anxious due to this contingent future change which may or may not take place. Along with this, it will be a good thing to see its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s have a look on some of them which are as follows:-


  • If in case, this subscription program is implemented, there will be a huge increment of high quality contents on YouTube. On the whole, putting the quality contents will positively increase competition with those who are making money from their contents. So, it will be a very first benefit which they can get.

  • With the help of this program, one can effortlessly earn better revenues, as YouTube will make a deal to pay static revenue which will surely be greeted by the creators.

  • Apart from these benefits, this program also assists the online marketers by letting them able to make collateral revenue from the visitors who visit to their uploaded contents.


If we come to this point, it has disadvantages as well:-

  • This subscription program on YouTube will surely decrease the number of those visitors who used to visit their on YouTube on daily basis. It has also been expected that 40 to 50 percent of the traffic on YouTube will go down as soon as this program implements because everyone wishes to watch that content which calls for no subscription money.

  • Apart from the point of declining the traffic to YouTube due to this program, it will also insist a number of people to move to other sites to get the same content at no cost such as Vimeo and some other video/ content sharing sites.

On the whole, this is such a new program yet it is already making people think of what exactly YouTube can do to earn more revenue from content. So, it will truly be eccentric for the people to think over on this subscription program which is still not confirmed and it would surely be interesting to know the thoughts, feelings and ideas of the people behind this program.

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